Always find the right alternatives online!

The Bohnenkamp online shop offers a huge selection of products, almost all of which we have in stock. Yet even with intensive advance planning, in exceptional cases it is still possible that a desired tyre is not currently available.

What do I do? Wait until the item is in stock again? Or look for an alternative?

Time and time again the online shop proves that it is not only simply an ordering platform, but also a helpful service and consulting tool. We have now expanded the service functions through the important "Alternatives" function, thus making it easier for you to find alternatives for products that are not in stock. If a particular item is not currently in stock, you will automatically be offered alternative products similar to the one you are looking for. We do not rely on search algorithms, but on the experience of our employees. Our experts have personally selected the alternative products for you with their extensive experience and expertise. So, you can be certain to find the right product quickly and reliably. And if you still have any questions, our product experts are, of course, also available by telephone.